Severe agricultural machinery up to four invention patents


Zhu Hongjian developed the agricultural power chassis, special gearbox agricultural power chassis, corn harvester and rotary special gearbox has won the national invention patent. At present he has set up agricultural machinery company, as soon as the multifunctional machine for field work in mass production.

Agricultural Mechanization invention

"I saw a large wheat, corn combine harvester, single function, large energy consumption, low efficiency, long idle time, germination and the development of multifunctional machine for field work ideas." Shandong Jiaozhou agricultural Master Zhu Hongjian, who runs a sale of farm machinery, accessories shop in.2007, he found that, although the agricultural harvesting machinery a lot of variety, but most of the single function, harvester can harvest the wheat and rice, corn harvester can harvest the corn, these days tend to break out of the year, resulting in a waste of resources. If you can invent a power chassis, can be disassembled all harvest equipment, will certainly be welcomed by farmers.

With this in mind, he began to study the design of.2011 years, in spite of his family discouraged, to put the multifunctional machine with mechanical professional R & D, previously learned, from the Internet to find information, design drawings. After testing nearly a thousand times, finally developed an agricultural power chassis.

New equipment one machine can be multi-purpose

In September this year, in Jiaozhou town shop farm, Zhu Hongjian on the performance of corn harvester was a test. Corn combine into corn after completing a snapping, peeling, loading, straw crushing. "The agricultural power chassis, can realize the use of a machine, but also save manufacturing cost." Zhu Hongjian said, he used to increase the transmission ratio through design, low torque, high input speed large torque output, to meet the adaptability of various complex terrain. In the agricultural power chassis before, after the design of the 7 power output interface, and at any point can easily obtain power, driving agricultural machinery; hydraulic system as much as possible with the humanized design, equipped with 4 hydraulic output and hydraulic steering, achieve full hydraulic control.

Zhu Hongjian said this, he invented the agricultural power chassis, agricultural power chassis and a rear steering type agricultural power chassis is divided into a front steering structure is made of steel frame, high horsepower engine (100 horsepower), gearbox linked rear axle, front axle, steering system, hydraulic system, power output system, a multi function vehicle before and after the suspension system is composed of, respectively with rice and wheat combine harvester for corn and straw silage machine, rotary cultivator, farm machinery and other facilities, powerful.

National four invention patents

Zhu Hongjian developed specifically for the agricultural power chassis supporting the corn harvester, equipment by cutting table, conveying groove, peeling machine, granary, components of straw returning machine five independent components, the header uses the worm gear box drive reel of roller chain, spiral transmission of corn stalk, snapping tendons snapping concentrated patent with the traditional cutting technology. Compared with simple structure, high reliability, weight reduction of two mistress.

The chassis supporting agricultural power compared with the traditional rotary tiller, the weight is reduced by half, the cost is reduced by half. It is understood that the agricultural power chassis Zhu special gearbox is Hong Jianxin. R & D, agricultural power chassis, corn harvester and rotary special gearbox has been granted national patent. At present he has set up agricultural machinery company, as soon as the multifunctional farmland machine put into mass production.

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