Slight quality:

Single process deviation of minor parts quality problems, the production department technicians, inspectors on-site correction. After correction by the operator test testing production 1-2, production can be restored after passing. Rework or scrap handling for processing parts has appeared deviation.

Medium quality problem:

Spare parts processing involves many processes, in particular to a quality problem of tooling setting processing caused by the problem of medium quality, the production department organization department, inspection department, relevant process operator site analysis. By the technical department of mold, review technical documents. By the inspection department to review the process of workpiece, the production Department, technical department, inspection department jointly formulated. The revised correction error correction scheme is related to process unified production 3-5, the technology department, inspection department for review. Production resumed after passing, appears to have been offset parts rework or scrap processing, the production department shall formulate the procedures regularly check the schedule.

Major quality issues:

Impact on the production of the main performance index and the use of major quality problems. One was found to have significant problems with product quality, production department shall be ordered to stop production of finished products. All procedures involving prohibited factory, the production department organization department, to test the quality inspection department inspection organization of the semi-finished products and associated parts complete test and quality inspection work, make improvement, correction scheme. According to the improved implementation of pilot production of 10 sets of products and amendments, the production department, technical department, inspection department jointly in 50% sampling test machine detection. To ensure the test machine results meet the standard requirements and usage requirements can be small trial batch production, small batch production sample of 10% qualified rear can resume full production in small batch production. The production department, technical department, quality inspection department must be set according to the quality problems Control node management measures, tied for key inspection projects.